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Welcome all to our site and becoming part of the official launch of 2011!

Our Mission

We are in an everlasting quest to sub all of your favorite Korean Variety Shows. Please visit our forums to find out how you can join our dynamic team in promoting Korean Entertainment to the rest of the world!

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What are we?

We are individuals, just like you, who love the Korean entertainment scene and want to watch and enjoy the celebrities that make us smile. We know how difficult it can be to understand the Korean culture and the only way foreigners, like us, are able to understand it is through subbed videos. We look forward to providing you with a central place to watch all these variety shows we love to watch!

What do we do?

As we started to watch Korean variety shows, we noticed how difficult it was to trace down which videos came from where. It could be as difficult as checking 4-5 different sites to find the right video to watch. Our passion is to create a community where we can share in the enjoyment of these videos together.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to start a community that will be a place for all people from all nationalities to come, enjoy and share. We want this site to be the building block to expand the Korean's Culture through the material and content that is provided on this site. We designed this website with the user in mind, something simple, informative, and gives you the most information for choosing the episodes YOU want to see. Everything on Ktopia from stars to shows are interlinked, meaning, finding the shows that your favorite stars have guest appearances in or host is simple to do!

To the Ktopia Viewer

What we ask of you is to enjoy! Simple enough right? If the shows put a smile on your faces, or make you feel at awed inside, do share this website to those around you and join the community!