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Welcome all to our site and becoming part of the official launch of 2011!

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We are in an everlasting quest to sub all of your favorite Korean Variety Shows. Please visit our forums to find out how you can join our dynamic team in promoting Korean Entertainment to the rest of the world!

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We would like to acknowledge our list of affiliates for their contributions to the community. Dedicating endless hours of hard work and collaboration that go into subbing a show, we are forever thankful. You can find great information, updates, and shows on their websites, do check it out and show them your support!

Subbing teams:

Subbed Shows:
  • Running Man
  • hKyo89, allure, corriah

This group's main project is the Running Man show. They have recently merged with RamenSoupSubs and also host the Family Outing Show (Seasons 1 & 2)

Subbed Shows:
  • Family Outing (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • melijay

This group's main project is Family Outing. Over the years they have subbed most of the Family Outing Shows which covers Season 1 & Season 2. They have recently merged sites with iSubs.

Subbed Shows:
  • Star Golden Bell
  • Invincible Youth
  • Let's Go Dream Team
  • Happy Together
  • Oh! My School
  • Pikeyenny

Pike Yenny has many subbed series. She's taken on subbing many of Korea's top ranked variety shows.

Subbed Shows:
  • We Got Married (Khuntoria Couple)
  • khy127

This group's main project is We Got Married (Khuntoria Couple). They sub many various shows/dramas where 2AM and 2PM play a role or guest star in.

Subbed Shows:
  • We Got Married (Adam Couple)
  • We Got Married (Woojung Couple)
  • Heroes
  • snjeung, gabi, krazydaisy96, kongjui4256, purplelemon, superrcasperr, chloe, Aria, Afrisia, Putridamayanti, Jocelyne, Kwon143, Prasetyo, Gordon, Pinkyx, Bubble, a R I A, liliz76, unforgetablee26

SNJsubs are very active in subbing high in demand shows. They also sub the Korean Drama series All My Love, starring Jo Kwon (2AM) and Son Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls).

Subbed Shows:
  • Strong Heart
  • Jenny

This group's main project is the Strong Heart show.

Subbed Shows:
  • Running Man

This group's projects revolve around Kim Joong Kook. Any shows where he's a guest or a regular member, or clips where he happens to appear can be found on their site.

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