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We Got Married (Season 3) Woojung Ep7

Rating: 10

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  1. Ifaaaa177

    2012-07-02 10:10:37
    it will be more fun if jangwoo is going to be really mad at jaemin. LOL. just kidding :p! this show has gone crazy--"
  2. f4dum4

    2012-02-08 16:35:06
    LOL LOL !
  3. Oreolove

    2012-01-07 19:36:21
    lee jang woo gets JEALOUS REALLY EASILY!!!! but its okay! hes cute<3
  4. Oreolove

    2012-01-07 19:22:57
    her friend is so cute! but janggoon nim is cuter!
  5. minminty

    2011-10-01 21:59:11
    in my opinion, her friend is really nice haha. faking that he likes her, getting janggoon jealous haha
  6. minminty

    2011-10-01 21:47:32
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