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We Got Married Global Ep15

Rating: 7

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  1. mimi_lovesdrama

    2013-11-25 14:00:04
    omg wat a beautiful end!! loved both couples they were soo cute.. i cried cos of gui gui!! Hongki the best boyfriend forever didnt expect that!!
  2. shadowmac46

    2013-08-17 05:34:53
    I think he may like men. Not once could he hold her hand without thought. Never kissed her ? Such a lovable lady she is.
  3. viannass

    2013-08-08 17:17:11
    aigoo!! emma i feel so bad she really was caring about him but he did not seem that into it poor girl .in my opinion she deserves someone more into this even though its not real she seemed to feel more feelings to him but he kinda just took it as work.
  4. ella0bella

    2013-08-08 14:14:54
    from my opinion, Taec is not fake, bt he is suppressing himself by nt crying infront of Emma.. He is THE MAN, seeing Emma cry, he cant cry or else Emma will cry harder. just my two thoughts...
  5. npos

    2013-08-07 21:06:48
    He just wants to get back to promoting 2pm and himself.
  6. dannysmartazz

    2013-07-28 21:40:43
    gui gui made me cry again in this episode... gui gui is sooo honest and loving taec is sooo fake damn him
  7. dannysmartazz

    2013-07-28 21:40:41
    omg gui gui made me cry i have tears streaming down my face i feel taec didnt feel to deep for gui gui gui gui loved taec for real
  8. leota80

    2013-07-28 05:32:47
    I cried as if I was breaking up with them lmaooooooo LOVED IT
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