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We Got Married Global Ep7

Rating: 7

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  1. SyafikaReduwan

    2014-03-16 12:44:23
    mina and hongki love uolls!!!!!!!!! minhwan why u so cute?????
  2. Doti

    2013-08-13 16:03:29
    wow Hongki has a lot of friends
  3. lon3lygirlx

    2013-07-19 12:48:32
    saranghae taecyeon and gui gui <3
  4. MyungKhun64

    2013-07-12 21:13:05
    TaecYeon and GuiGui couple looks so fake... Hongki and Mina FIGHTING!!!
  5. kblah

    2013-06-29 04:27:53
    xD I think Taecyeon and Emma communicated best when they were speaking mumble-jumble french when looking at the wine ROFL
  6. Anaztacia

    2013-05-21 11:06:19
    Loooove them! Gui Gui is so cute and Mina is so Beautiful! (^_^)
  7. dijaheart

    2013-05-19 13:16:09
    cant watch to see how the wedding goes for Hongki and Mina
  8. wilsonY

    2013-05-19 11:38:21
    youtube english translation is seriously.. bulls***...
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