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Welcome all to our site and becoming part of the official launch of 2011!

Our Mission

We are in an everlasting quest to sub all of your favorite Korean Variety Shows. Please visit our forums to find out how you can join our dynamic team in promoting Korean Entertainment to the rest of the world!

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Technical Issues


Do I have to pay to watch videos on Ktopia?

The videos on Ktopia can be viewed for free as there is no charge.

Is there anyway to receive updates on when a new video is posted?

Yes there is. We will provide a Facebook page and a Twitter account where you can receive the latest updates from there.

Can I download the videos on Ktopia to my computer?

Ktopia provides, as of now, only links to streaming videos. This may be subject to change in the future.

How can i report a broken video?

All videos have a report broken link listed beside them. By clicking and reporting the broken video, we will attempt to repair the video as soon as possible.

My video hasn't been repaired, how much longer will it take?

It can be difficult for us to find links to streaming sites that provide the video content. Depending on the type of video, it may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

I love Ktopia and want to make a donation! How do I send my donation?

As of now, we do not provide any service for donations. We want the Ktopia experience to be free and feel free for each and every one of you. If we see that there are more requests to donate to our website then, we may, in the future implement a donation box.


How do i become a member of Ktopia?

Ktopia provides free registration open to anyone. Just click on the become a member to join.

When I Register on the main site (Ktopia User Panel) do I have to register on the forum as well?

No, the Ktopia User Panels login system is integrated with our forums, so if you login to the Ktopia User Panel, you will be logged into the forums as well. (This does not work vice versa though, so please use the Ktopia User Panel to create your account!)

I want to join the Ktopia community and make a difference, how can I do this?

We are always looking for forum staff, website administration staff and subbing team staff. If you are looking to make a difference in a fun lit community, go to our forums and sign up under the "Becoming a Staff Member" option.

I have some good ideas for the Ktopia website layout, navigational controls, new sections to the site, can I share them with out?

We are always looking to make this website faster, better and easier to understand for our community members. Do let you know your suggestions and our development team will have a look at implementing them. You can let us know your ideas in the forums section under "Suggestions & Ideas".


Why do some series take so long to be updated? Why are you so slow in subbing the drama shows?

Ktopia does not provide subs and we do not undergo in the process of subbing. All subs are done by third parties.

Can I help you subtitle your videos? Can I join your team?

If you would like to subtitle videos or be apart of the process of subbing then please contact subbing groups that are listed in the show section of our website. If you want to become part of administration of Ktopia.net please visit the recruitment section of our forums.

Can I request for a particular video?

Yes you can. You will have to be a member to request any videos. There is a Request Video section in our forums where you can post what you would like to suggest.

I have been requesting for a particular video, how come it is not posted yet?

We will prioritize the most requested videos at first so it may take time to get to your request. However there are some videos that will be unsubbed and we will not be able to post them until a subbing group subs the video.

How does Ktopia decide which subbed variety shows, or if my favorite variety shows will be subbed and added to the website?

We are always adding new videos that are popular to fill in the demands for good entertainment! We also will be going back in time and adding our favorite or popular variety shows from the past! If you have a show that you think is good, do drop us a line at: [email protected] , and we'll add it to the list of shows our community will work on for the future.

Technical Issues

I am trying to watch a video and it doesn't load, it only shows a white or black background.

We've found that with the Internet Explorer 8+ browser, you need to install Adobe Flash Player to view the videos. Unfortunately, the browser doesn't tell you this, but you can download the adobe flash version here (Adobe Flash Player). It will detect your browser and install for you the right version.

When looking at the website, text and images are displaced in wierd positions and I am unable to navigate properly.

You are most likely using the Internet Explorer 7 or 6 browsers. You should upgrade to either Internet Explorer 8 or our recommended lists of browsers(Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera).

I registered on the Ktopia User Panel, but my email hasn't come yet, what gives?

First, check the "Junk" folder in your email. Most email filtering systems will catch this as junk, so you should mark it as safe for future uses. Second, if there is no mail in your inbox and it's not in the "Junk" folder, wait a few minutes, sometimes the mail may be slow if there is a lot of traffic on the email server. If all else fails, contact us: [email protected] and we will solve the issue for you.