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1 Night & 2 Days (Season 3) Image
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reality, variety, comedy

1 Night & 2 Days (Season 3)

Leaving off Season 2 with fantastic ratings, fans couldn't be more thrilled the newest season of KBS's venerable variety program, '1 Night & 2 Days', is quickly back! Bringing together new cast members Kim Joo Hyuk, Defconn, Kim Jun Ho and Jung Joon Young along with season 2 carryovers Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, the new season assembles a multitude of different characters. The new cast will have plenty of time to get familiar with each other's personalities before being plunged into frenetic morning wake-up call missions and heading to various travel destinations. What new adventures lie awaiting for this new cast, watch and find out!

1 Night & 2 Days (Season 3) Ep54

This is the 'Korean Cuisine and Three Meals' part 1 as the six members head to Yeosu for the first sunrise of 2015. For the first episode that will air in 2015, the members will get all three meals, but of course they won't get to eat for free. It's become much harder than 2014 and the members have to use their butts to eat breakfast! What could this breakfast game of chance be? For the lunch game of chance, they get to sample the Korean cuisine of Yeosu, but why are they hesitating to eat before this feast? They can't help but scream. They've totally fallen for a trap! What on earth could have happened to them.

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