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Oh! My School Image
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comedy, reality

Oh! My School

Oh! My School has a school setting where guests come out as "students". This show will apply actual class formats to highlight the personal school years of celebrity stars, their friendships and their journeys to stardom. Packed with a line up of many idol guest stars, this show should be full of surprises with endless moments of laughter and memories.


Oh! My School Ep12

Shinhwa's (Kim Dong Wan) is the guest teacher filling in for Tony this episode. With a line of guest stars Chansung (2PM), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Soyeon (T-ara) and 2 popular KBS announcers (Park Siam, Han Seok Jun), the students will be taught and tested on Proper, Polite and Happy Language. The students are split into 2 teams, each headed by the 2 KBS announcers. The first 2 team games are dictation and pronounciation games and one of them has a makeup punishment. The next game features singing popular Korean Songs with English Lyrics... in Korean (It's quite a hilarious segment). The final team game "Speak In Chains" is designed to help the idol students with their reaction time, while also housing a terrorying ice foot bath punishment for the losers!

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