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The Romantic & Idol Image
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variety, reality

The Romantic & Idol

'The Romantic & Idol' is a special show that idols can only dream of taking part in. For 3 nights and 4 days 8 featured idols will be put on South Korea's paradise, Jeju Island and find love among eachother! To keep the dating real and pure, all idol managers, coordinators, stylists will have no contact with the idols during these 4 days. What starts off as dating fun, quickly turns into falling feelings for some. An idols dream on a magical place is just about to start, let the once in a lifetime experience begin!

The Romantic & Idol Ep2

4 first dates have quickly past as feelings start to grow among the 8 idol romanticists. Things are about to change as the producers give the 8 idols a chance to either stay with their current dates or opt for a CHANGE! As cruel and soon as this decision is, the 8 idols have the first hardest task ahead of them. What will their surprising decisions be?!

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