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The Return of Superman Image
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funny, reality

The Return of Superman

In this new reality show, 4 celebrity dad's will take on the task of raising their kid(s) on their own without mom's help! These dads could not be more different from one another and are on different sides of the personality spectrums. The cast will include Tablo (Epik High, singer/song writer), Choo Sung Hoon (MMA Fighter), Lee Hwi Jae (MC), and Jang Hyun Sung (actor). This is an extremely cute show due to the different personalities of the kids and makes for funny moments as the fathers try to raise them in their own ways (clueless at times!). Join the ohh's and ahh's as the Superman Fathers learn a thing or two about taking care of their own kids!

The Return of Superman Ep109

The 'Every Wish Comes True' episode is here! The twins go to a bathhouse to welcome the new year! The dance performance heats up the sauna and the twins break onto the stage. The triplets try grocery shopping as Daehan leads his brothers, Minguk checks the sketchbook and Manse holds the heavy bags. It's the day of Seola and Sua's picnic and Donggook tries making rice rolls for the first time in his life, but then he suddenly starts cutting seaweed and pasting it onto children's faces. Sunghoon has a lot of memories in Busan before Sarang was born so they travel to Busan. They visit Sunghoon's old dorm, a famous market and Sunghoon's favorite restaurant!

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