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We Got Married (Season 4) TaeEun Image
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funny, reality

We Got Married (Season 4) TaeEun

The stage is about to be set for WGM's youngest couple yet! SHINee's Lee Tae Min will find himself becoming a virtual husband to A-Pink's Son Na Eun. The 2 have played roles together in SBS sitcom's before, so some of the first impression pressures will be off their shoulders. Tae Min being one year older than Na Eun will find himself exploring his manly side as he tries to play the "oppa" in this marriage. Will their feelings be genuine to each other, and what sorts of obstacles will they encounter with marriage at such an early age?


We Got Married (Season 4) TaeEun Ep7

Na Eun so far has given Taemin 2 of the 3 coming of age gifts and has him guessing the last one. His guesses are hilarious and he fears it may make him seem like a pervert! After finding out that the last gift is bungee jumping together, Taemin is in a state of disorder and panic. Na Eun so far is the more adventurous of the two when it comes to thrills and Taemin's nowhere near as that brave. Will he be able to show his wife a strong side today or will this end up in a walk of shame?

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