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We Got Married Global Image
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funny, reality, foreign

We Got Married Global

The first reality wedding show of Korea is kicking it up a notch by going global! A show where famous celebrities are paired up in a virtual marriage and given the task of living the married life with it's full benefits along with it's hardships. 2PM's manly gentleman Ok Taecyeon and FT Island's blistering hearthrob Lee Hongki will be paired up with global sensations Gui Gui (Taiwanese singer) and Fujii Mina (Japanese Actress). Being thrown into a virtual marriage is never easy, but now add in cultural differences and potential language barriers, will they be able to survive the true test of time?


We Got Married Global Ep15

It's the final day for both couples and how convienent that the weather is rainy. Mina's going to prepare a final meal through a book Hongki's picked out last time at the bookstore. They will recollect their memories together as they travel back to the place they first met. The TaecGui Couple opt for a final trip together for their final day. An outdoor BBQ in the rain, this couple will reflect upon their marriage giving eachother many a thank you's for their memories together. The train station will be the final goodbye as the depart separately for the last time.

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Global We Got Married